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Nigerians hail Olatoun Olanrewaju following her open letter to her ex-husband for making co-parenting easy [Video]


Following an open letter to her ex-husband, Nollywood actress and producer Olanrewaju Barakat Olatoun is presently the topic of conversation.

She first expressed her gratitude to her husband for welcoming her and her boy into the family, acting as a father figure in his life, sticking by him, and preaching nonviolence.

She urged him to keep in mind that kindness is the imprint we leave on the world in her message to her ex-husband.

The actress reflected on how, despite the efforts of their lawyers, they chose kindness and peace over continuing to battle in court. She claimed that if they displayed any degree of kindness, they would appear weak to the other.

Olatoun revealed that she has finally forgiven herself for the wrongs she did that led to the dissolution of their marriage.

She also stated that her ex-husband needs to forgive himself and that if he ever needs her forgiveness, all he needed to do was ask as they both deserve joy in their lives.

Nevertheless, she is happy that they have both found happiness.

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Olatoun had accompanied the lengthy post with a video of her ex-husband and her husband on a family outing with their son.

Open Letter to my ex-husband and to the father of my first fruit.

Firstly I will love to thank my husband Mr Abdul Azeez Kayoade Adekola for accepting me with Abdul Mateen. Thanks for playing that fatherly role oko mi. Thanks for standing by me and thanks for preaching peace.

To my Ex-husband
Please remember that kindness is the mark we leave on the world.

This brings me to strength, I know our divorce attorneys wanted to keep the fight going as long as possible in order to keep. If kindness was shown by either one of us we were led to believe that we were looking weak to the other party. You know.. Giving in and caving!! But I was raised that showing kindness is by showing strength. It’s not easy to be kind to someone who hurt you. I have thought hard about this and I wouldn’t even be concerned, let alone typing if we didn’t have a child.

But we do.
You are not weak by showing kindness to the mother of your child. Not am I weak by showing kindness to the father of my child. How amazing would we all feel if we had just set aside the grudges and shown our true strengths by our kindness? How wonderful would that have been for our child to see? So many valuable lessons could be taken he’s adult life from the example.

“Forgiveness” Like I have said this word many times and I tried hard to actually forgive but it’s not you, u am concerned about forgiving. I have finally forgiven myself for whatever it was that I did to contribute to the dismiss of our marriage. I have forgiven myself for even thinking I need to forgive myself. Even though we thought it was a forever marriage when we took our vows, we both know things happen and people change. I don’t blame you anymore for leaving us.

You are the Architect of your own life and responsible for your own decisions. I now think it is you who Kay need to forgive yourself. Ad if you want my forgiveness all you have to do is ask. We all deserve to have joy in our lives but am happy er both find ourselves with a new family. So now is the time for our gratitude and maturity, we need to be happy and be contended with what we have and also let those who did sacrifice recover…..”.

“Deadbeat parents deserve no mercy” – Sandra Iheuwa seemingly throws shade

Controversial businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa has declared that deadbeat parents deserve no mercy from their children.

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She stated this on her Instagram page while reacting to a viral report about a lady who called out her dad for abandoning her as a child but returned years later to eat her meal.

Sandra said that parents such as this usually returns years later feeling entitled and wouldn’t feel remorseful for what they did.

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According to Sandra, these deadbeat parents should be forgiven but kept far away from their children.

You may recall that Sandra Iheuwa shares a child with the popular talent manager, Ubi Franklin and business magnate, Steve Thompson.